Quick Tip: You don’t need a lot of money to invest. There are no minimums of investable assets to work with me.

In Transition

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Perhaps you are considering changing jobs, wondering if you can retire, are going through a divorce, or just lost a loved one. You know you will have money that needs to be invested eventually but want to start planning now.

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We will start building your plan.

I will help rollover your past employer 401k, enact that QDRO for ex-spouse retirement money, or work with your attorney to clean up an estate.

After the monies are invested, your $150 per month fee may transition to 1.20% of managed assets.

You will likely need multiple meetings and phone calls to guide you through your transition.

I trust that you intend to work with me over the years and am willing to put in the extra work up front.

Rollover and Consolidation

Simplify your life by taking control of old employer plans and random accounts.

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